360° Certification for your Artificial Intelligence

Multidisciplinary experts team
We analyze all areas that are essential for your AI’s highest standards. Our offer ranges from (semi-)automatic testing to individual consulting and issue processing.
Data & AI algorithms
Are there any outliers in your data sets? Is your algorithm biased? Are people affected by AI treated fairly? Know Center, a leading European center for data-driven AI, has been developing successful AI applications and ensuring high quality algorithms for 20 years.
AI certification
Testing technologies and test methods that enable (semi-)automatic evaluation of metrics allow to develop and offer competitive and trustworthy AI-based products. The SGS Group is the world's leading inspection, testing, verification and certification organization.
Are you utilizing the latest technologies to encrypt your sensitive data? The Institute for Applied Information Processing and Communication Technology at TU Graz is a leading international research institute for cybersecurity.
Ethics & law
Does your AI application take social values into account and meet all requirements specified by the GDPR? The Business Analytics and Data Science Center at the University of Graz conducts research on application of data-based technologies in business and their societal impact. BANDAS Center contributes its expertise regarding Software validation, auditing and documentation of AI, with focus on ethical and legal aspects. The Institute of Interactive Systems and Data Science at TU Graz contributes its expertise via the area of 'Ethics by Design'.

Research – Consulting – Certification

The European Commission is planning to introduce a regulation for Artificial Intelligence. AI application providers will therfore have to meet comprehensive compliance requirements in the future. Users (with the exception of solely private users) will be obliged to monitor AI systems as well.

We support companies in making AI applications secure and trustworthy:

Research: We work on the (further) development of international standards and research-associated metrics that ensure trustworthy use of AI.

Consulting: We advise companies on the development of trustworthy AI systems and accompany them while preparing for conformity testing.

Certification: We develop new multidisciplinary tools and techniques that enable a (semi-)automatic criteria assessment.

Our research projects for reliable AI systems


A European AI-on-demand platform will be established to ensure technology and knowledge transfer on the European market.


The goal is to develop AI that is secure, verifiable and explainable while protecting privacy.


Data security and data protection will be guaranteed by data anonymization when accumulating and analyzing Big Data.


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